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We were talking one day about how amazing the Jason Lee “Will Skate For Food” ad and shirt were. We thought it would be cool to do a little tribute to the shirt and of course Jason Lee. It was surreal being at the actual spot where the original ad was shot… It took me back to being a little kid and how much I loved that shirt. The OG shirt had ‘white trash’ printed under the photo of Jason, and I loved that skateboarding was actually in that category back then. The whole image represented what so much of skateboarding was to my life. Watching Jason push and do backside 180’s indirectly showed me what I enjoy most about skateboarding.  Skateboarding was all I needed to live, all I cared about and it took over my whole existence.  In essence, I am skating for food and no matter what we agree with, or disagree with in skateboarding, we will skate forever.

-Kenny Anderson


how much deeper would the ocean be without sponges